Tuesday’s Rhode Island Striped Bass charter was a birthday celebration for Craig, and this was a day of fishing to remember!

We headed out Jun 9, 2020 from Point Judith and the weather was beautiful. Our three previous charters landed a combined 90+ Striped Bass, which is a phenomenal number. Sure many were small schoolies, however, fishing is largely about the thrill of the hunt. Fishing for bass is exciting! Striped Bass and Bluefish are strong fighters too. Catch and release is to be supported to get our striped bass stocks back where they should be too.


Yes, the tackle is going to be our tube and frame rigs. Some folks call them umbrella rigs. These rigs have a number of small tubes on them, each with a hook at the end, capable of hooking into a fish. It is therefore likely to hook into multiple fish at one time. Years ago we used to use the single, larger and longer tubes with a single hook which would be graced with a worm at the end. These have done great for us too. And we will use them occasionally.

RI striped bass fishing with tube & worm

The line we use is the steel line, which is necessary to get the rigs down deep enough toward the bottom. The risk of not getting deep enough is you will hook into blue fish rather than bass. The striped bass hang at the very bottom of the ocean. The bluefish are anywhere between just under the surface to shortly above the bottom.

Unlike the light tackle we use the rod and reel rigs are a bit bigger when using the steel line because the line itself is fairly heavy. The frame and tube rigs also create quite a bit of drag while trolling, therefore, a sturdy rod is needed.

Lets Catch Some Fish

We took the charter boat out to Block Island sound for today’s fishing trip. Our fishing location of the day was to be the Southwest Corner. It takes a while to get out here, however, it is worth it. At this location we had to let out between 300’-350’ of line in order to get the rigs down deep enough. We were fishing about 50’ of water here.

We let out the lines and began trolling and within a short while started hooking into the striped bass. Our anglers were landing 1, 2, and 3 striped bass at a time! All of them were complaining their arms were hurting a bit reeling in the fish. Admittedly, brining in a fish with 300’-350’ of steel line is going to be a challenge!

This chartered trip and crew landed 42 striped bass total. We threw back all but a handful of keepers for our anglers.  Rhode Island saltwater fishing is gearing up for a great season.

Aces Wild fishing charter is a birthday celebration!

A birthday cake with candles

We were glad Craig’s birthday was one to enjoy on this beautiful day and successful game fishing charter. We hope to see this crew on another Rhode Island Fishing Charter again soon!

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