On Monday June 8, 2020 the Aces Wild headed out on a Block Island Striped Bass charter. We had done very well the previous couple of days catching about 68 striped bass between two separate striped bass fishing charters. We were optimistic the good fishing would continue because the waters appear to be seeing quite a few striped bass and bluefish. Fortunately the weather was beautiful, sunny and warm with a light wind.


Again, keeping with the success we had the previous two days, we used the frames with tubes, and rods with steel line. Just a reminder, the steel line is used to get the frames down to deeper water while trolling.  Regarding bait, we used live bait in the past such as mackerel and eels, etc.  We’ve also used artificial lures as well. We’ve always had much better luck with the tubs & frames when sport fishing however and therefore tend to start with this setup most often.

Lets Catch Some Fish!

The first fishing spot we hit was the North rip off Block Island. We picked up a few small striped bass while trolling at this location and were interested in getting some big striped bass.

We therefore decided to head to the Southwest Corner of Block Island. We let out our lines and began trolling and it wasn’t before long that we began hooking into the Striped Bass! We were bringing up 1, 2 and 3 at a time! After just a short while we had brought in 29 in total.

Block Island Striped Bass charter on the Aces Wild

We’re still seeing quite a few smaller “schoolie” bass.  Though we are expecting the larger bass to make their way into the Rhode Island waters very soon. The striped bass is a schooling species, swimming around feeding and migrating in large schools. Therefore, it is not uncommon to hook into several stripers at once with the tube & frame rigs when trolling over a school of them.

Switch to Flounder Fishing

Since we had reached out limit on Striped Bass we decided to head to another location to do some Flounder fishing, like we do on many of our fishing trips.  (Sometimes we’ll head in for Sea Bass). We headed to Towers Bottom for our flounder. For tackle we use a hook and sinker (flounder fishing is basically bottom fishing).  Sometimes we’ll add a plastic shrimp. For bait we use a thinly sliced squid. We also use our light tackle rod and reel setups.  We use a drift to catch flounder, and on this day we had a strong drift.

Block Island Flounder Charter on the Aces Wild

As is always the case we jig the bait up and down off the bottom until you feel a hit.  TAP-TAP-TAP! Then you set the hook and bring in the flounder! We had a great time fishing for flounder and landed 12 total. One of the flounder was 27 inches, which is a large fish!

We hope to see this crew again, as they were quite a bit of fun!

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