The Aces Wild headed out on another RI Striper charter this past Sunday June 7, 2020 at 6:30am. The weather heading out of Point Judith was absolutely gorgeous for our day of fishing the Rhode Island waters! It was sunny and warm with a light breeze in the morning.


Striped Bass rhode island fishing charter 20200607

Today we were heading out again toward Block Island sound for today’s fishing trip. This time we had onboard our Russian crew from Hartford CT. There were 5 in the crew and these guys have been with us many times before striped bass fishing.

Our first fishing spot was the North Rip off Block Island. We did great here yesterday, catching 39 Striped Bass! We therefore thought we would give it another shot. Again the tackle of choice was the frame and tubes with the heavier rod & reel combo and steel line. Unfortunately, the Rip wasn’t so hot today.

After a short while with no action we brought in the lines and headed out to the Southwest corner of Block Island. Again the same tackle as at the Rip. At this location we had to let out between 300’-350’ of line in order to get the rigs down deep enough. We were fishing about 50’ of water here.

Here Comes the Action!

Rhode Island striped bass fishing charter - 20200607

After about 30 minutes we noticed the birds working the water. Then came the hits and the fish were all around us. The first was a 34” Blue Fish. If you have ever brought in a bluefish, you know they fight light heck! The guys kept this one as they smoke their Blues, which makes them very tasty. We ended up catching 3 Blue Fish on the day.

The Southwest corner ended up bringing us non-stop action, with 29 Striped bass on this RI striped bass charter between 20-37’ in length. NICE!

We look forward to seeing the gang from Hartford again soon!

Striped Bass Movement

Today’s charter was again great news from a Striped Bass migration perspective. In addition, a 37″ striper was very nice, indicating some of the larger bass are making there way to the ocean state waters. The hot spots are picking up and we’re looking forward to some serious game fishing as the season progresses. Get yourself booked for a Rhode Island saltwater fishing charter aboard the Aces Wild! The captain and crew will get you out fishing light tackle for sea bass and scup, or heavier tackle for Stripers and Blues for a true fishing adventure! This charter boat is ready for your Block Island Fishing Charter!

Limits as of April 1, 2020

Just a reminder, the result of a meeting of the ASMFC held in October is below. Which found the striped bass stock assessment resource to be overfished. Below is what has been approved to help get the Striped Bass population back on track:

Maine: 1 fish, 28 – <35 inches.
New Hampshire: 1 fish, 28 – <35 inches.
Massachusetts: 1 fish, 28 – <35 inches.
Rhode Island: 1 fish, 28 – <35 inches.
Connecticut: 1 fish, 28 – <35 inches.
New York:
Ocean & Hudson River below George Washington Bridge: 1 fish, 28 – 35 inches from 4/15 – 12/15.
Hudson River above the George Washington Bridge: 1 fish, 18 – 28 inches from 4/1-11/30.
New Jersey: 1 fish, 28 – <38 inches.
Striped Bass Bonus Program: 1 fish, 24 – <28 inches with a season of 5/15 – 12/31 for tag holders, only.
DE Estuary: 1 fish 28 – <35 inches (1/1 – 3/31, 6/1 – 12/31); 2 fish 21 – <24 inches (4/1 – 5/31).
DE River (non-tidal): 1 fish 28 – <35 inches.
Ocean: 1 fish, 28 – 35 inches.
Delaware Bay, River, Tributaries: 1 fish, 20 – <25 inches (7/1 – 8/31).
No harvest permitted in spawning grounds from 4/1-5/31
Ocean: 1 fish, 28 – <35 inches. Chesapeake Bay: 1 fish, 35-inch minimum (5/1 – 5/15); Shore/Private Boat 1 fish, 19-inch minimum (5/16 – 8/16, 9/1 – 12/10); For-Hire 2 fish, 19-inch minimum with only 1 fish >28 inches (5/16 – 8/16, 9/1 – 12/10).
Ocean: 1 fish, 28 – </=36 inches (1/1 – 3/31, 5/16 – 12/31).
Chesapeake Bay: 1 fish, 20 – </= 36 inches (5/16 – 6/15, 10/4 – 12/31).
North Carolina: 1 fish, 28 – <35 inches.