The waters of Rhode Island certainly have much to offer. And when it comes to Rhode Island fishing, quite often you’ll see many ri charter boats off Block Island bringing in flounder, scup, sea bass, and striped bass in a single day of fishing.

When it comes to flounder, however, it’s the months of May through December when they make their presence known.  Flounder fishing is great for both offshore fishing, as well as an RI flounder charter. With generous per-person daily limits, one can often land enough flounder in a single trip to have fish sticks for several weeks!  And the same goes for scup fishing!

The Bait

ri charter fishing for fluke

When it comes to catching Flounder, of course things are a bit different than if you were fishing for striped bass of blues. First, consider the bait.

While it may be true that bigger bait may catch less fish, the fish will most likely be bigger. We quite often use pieces of squid and the belly of a Flounder.  With the squid, put the hook through once. You can also split the edges of the squid, which give the bait a bit more action.

The Flounder belly is good as well, and is tough. When fishing off Point Judith where small fish are often competing for the bait, like scup, at least the bait will hang on the hook a little longer.

Another method for bait is a teaser bait above the main bait.  This helps get the attention of the Flounder.  You can also use a pre-rigged fluke rig from a local bait shop. Try to use a fresh piece of bait like the Flounder belly to act as an teaser. Use a snap swivel to help with changing sinkers.  Different tides will require different sized weights in order to get your bait to the bottom.  Whether your fishing trip is in deep water or not.

Consider The Tide

The tide table is a very important aspect of charter fishing in RI.  If there is no tide, keep the line active. Meaning, taking the boat in/out of gear to keep the boat moving.   We want to cover some ground in order to locate the Flounder. Also consider locations that have plenty of current.  When you have found a spot with the fish: drift then repeat. Ideally you will want to pass over the location with each drift for maximum fish exposure.

ri charter fishing for fluke

Flounder fishing in Rhode Island is more than just dropping the line in and waiting for a fish to bite.  Flounder face the current in order to feed. In order to drag your bait over the front of them you will want to drift with the wind and tide in the same direction.

If your bait comes from behind the Flounder it’s going to be a missed opportunity.  Striped bass fishing is the same way.  Know your fish, become a successful angler. Most fishing charters in Rhode Island are going to have a crew and captain that understand what it takes to catch fish.  Captain Earl and his crew certainly do!

What About Location

Many times we find ourselves out at Block Island running a fishing charter.  Always using a drift and marking spots on the radar when we start hitting Flounder.  The radar is great because it plots your drifts in order to easily replicate the ones that worked.  Others find themselves at the Jamestown bridge or Narragansett bay fishing from shore.  Summer flounder can really be found at many sport fishing spots when saltwater fishing in Rhode Island.

The Best Part

ri charter fishing for fluke

One of the most rewarding experiences for fishing charters in Rhode Island is teaching the customers how to hook fish. On the Aces Wild we try to keep the experience enjoyable and fulfilling.  We do our best to catch the fish, while having a great time.

Part of that charter fishing experience is teaching a family how to fish.  Slowly raising and lowering the tip of the rod.  Setting the hook prior to reeling in the line.  Watching customers learn and have a great time is one of the best experiences one can have on a charter boat when RI flounder fishing.

Contact the captain to book your RI flounder charter on the Aces Wild today!