The Aces Wild always enjoys it when our customers have a great time on our charters. Captain Earl and Matt know where the fish are. When one location is not able to catch striped bass, they head for another location. This is the benefit of having run a charter boat in New England for many years.

Joe Grasso, his nephew and three brothers recently experienced one such successful day of striped bass fishing. This was one of those memorable striped bass fishing charters that was continuously full of action, was landing multiple fish at a time, and the fish were also large. The last point noting the arrival of the larger striped bass is here.

These anglers were bringing up one striped bass after another. The tip of each rod many times was bent over, signaling that a larger bass, or two, was on the end of the line. And we were not using light tackle either!


striped bass charter in rhode island on aces wild

Yes, the tackle used was our tube and frame rigs. This is how we were able to land two plus fish at a time. These rigs have a number of small tubes on them, each with a hook at the end, capable of hooking into a fish.

We also used our rigs with the steel line to get the rigs down deep enough toward the bottom of the ocean. We want the Striped bass, not the bluefish.  Therefore we needed to keep the lines near the bottom.

The Large Striped Bass Have Arrived

striped bass charter in rhode island

We took the charter boat out to the Block Island sound for our  fishing trip.  As is always the case we began trolling our umbrella rigs. It was not long before we started hooking into the striped bass. Joe and his family were landing quite a few striped bass.

We had two anglers at a time bringing in Striped bass, reeling in 300’-350’ of steel line.  Between the size of the striped bass and the amount of line to bring in, this was a challenge.

The team brought in 6 absolute hogs during this striper fishing charter, ranging from 42″ to 48″ inches. One monster weighed in at approximately 50lbs!  What a way to spend a full day striped bass charter out on the Atlantic ocean!  Given this seasons limits we ended up releasing many of the Stripers landed today back into the ocean.

All in all this was a Striped bass fishing charter Joe, his three brothers and nephew will never forget.  Lots of laughing and having a great time. We have included a review from the customer below:

“My four uncles and I went on the trip of a lifetime with Aces Wild. Captain Earl and first mate Matt did a fantastic job and made the trip one we will never forget. The boat was excellent and the fishing was incredible. Our largest hook up was a 48 inch striped bass and had multiple others over 40 inches. We got plenty of keepers too and had a fun day on the water. Thanks Aces Wild!”

Check out the video and see for yourself.  This is our goal for every fishing trip.  We hope to see this team again in the near future.