The Aces Wild headed out on a RI Flounder charter recently.  Leaving at 7:00am on a beautiful, sunny day we headed out to our fishing location that usually performs well for flounder.  The fishing had been a bit spotty prior to today, therefore, we were hoping today’s trip would bring in some serious flounder.

When we arrived at the location we put the lures on our rods, packed on some bait, and dropped the lines in while we drifted.  And BOY did we hit ’em big on this fishing trip!  We were non-stop hooking into the flounder.  And we landed some BIG guys as well!  Super exciting fishing trip.  We ended up with 40 Keepers and another 35 that were too small and thrown back.

Our group of anglers were super excited and could not believe all the fish they caught.  Especially the size!  This crew ended up booking up 3 more trips for this summer as well!

Give the captain a call to book your RI Fishing Charter.  We’re already noticing an extremely high demand for charters and it’s only MAY!