What a beautiful day to go fishing.  The sun was shining and the temperature was very nice.  Heading out for some flounder fishing off the waters in Galilee RI.  Flounder are just starting to come out and we’re hopeful we are going to be able to bring some in.  Most RI fishing trips will be targeting flounder, scup and sea bass this time of the year.  Although we are hearing that striped bass are making there way in as well. 


beatiful morning heading out on our ri fishing charter

Heading out on our RI Fishing Charter.  Beautiful morning.  This is the first time we actually had the sun shining this early in the morning in Galilee


ri Charter fishing on aces wild - heading out for flounder fishing and scup

Making our way.  Seas are calm, weather warm.  Pretty soon we’ll be fishing for flounder. 


matt gets a sea bass on his ri fishing charter

Matt catches the first fish of the day!  Although we were targeting flounder, we actually ended up catching quite a few sea bass and scup.  Matt is holding up a sea bass he just brought in.


captain earl catches a scup on the ri fishing charter

The captain brings in a scup.  Scup are a really tasty fish. 


matt gets himself a sea bass on his ri sea bass fishing charter

Here’s Matt with yet another sea bass.  Fishing in RI is going well today!


matt and grandpa waiting for a fish

Anticipation.  Captain Earl and Matt patiently waiting to hook a flounder, scup or sea bass off Galilee


Dan catches a nice sea bass aboard the aces wild ri fishing charter

Dan catches himself a sea bass as well!   Although we were targeting Flounder we sure did hook a number of scup and sea bass.  At this point we’ve lost count how many fish we have caught!


Captain Earl catches the first flounder on our ri flounder fishing trip

And would you look at that, the first flounder of the day!  Sushi anyone Smile


matt snags a scup on his ri fishing carter aces wild

Check out where Matt hooked this Sea Bass.  In it’s fin! 


another beatiful morning for a ri fishing charter off Galilee

Heading back in from our RI fishing trip.  25 flounder, scup and sea bass.  NICE!