This is the third year we have had this team on our boat.  They have always been very successful and today was no different.  As you can see by the photos, it was a great day.  We first stopped on the rip to troll with no success.  We headed to the southwest corner and in less than five minutes we had our first fish on.  After landing it we put the lines back out and almost immediately hooked up 2 fish.  One leader broke from the strength of the fish but we got the other one in on the frame.  We ended up with 3 giant keepers which was our limit.

The top photo is our great mate Zachary, holding a 40 lb bass that Zach hooked up for the young man to bring in.

We had to head in because the young man was not feeling too good. Looking forward to seeing them again next year.

08-12 002

08-12 003

08-12 004