When it comes to fishing in Rhode Island, the weather and outcome for this striped bass charter was a knock-out!  Sure we ran into 7’ swells on the way out and encountered some pretty dense fog near the North End (that’s what radars for, yes?), this was a deep sea charter to remember.

We wanted to locate a spot from the previous day that we had marked on the GPS.  We knew based on

That trip Tom and his friends were in for a great charter.

Once we arrived at the spot we dropped the lines in the water and before we knew it we had 4 stripers on one rod and 2 on the other!  This type of scenario kept occurring on the North End as we trolled until everyone was wiped out and we had caught 22 Striped Bass and kept 8! We then decided to head toward a location we typically do some fishing for flounder since it was still very early in our charter.  Here we landed about 10 flounder, 7 of which we kept.

Really an exciting charter to enjoy fishing in Rhode Island!  The entire team had a great time and said they would be back next year.

Thank you for taking your Rhode Island Fishing Charter on the Aces Wild!

block island fishing charter at the rip

block island fishing charter at the rip