Stripers & Blues charters are our most popular type of fishing trip during the Rhode Island season.

We do more Stripers & Bluefish trips than any other type of charter.  It seems everyone wants to get out there and catch stripers.  We love catching them too, along with the bluefish that are often found with them in any given area.July-2014-3

Stripers or striped bass are anadramous fish, which means they are capable of surviving in both fresh and saltwater environments.  They are stocked into many lakes in the midwest states as a game fish in the form of hybrids.  A true striped bass hatches in the freshwater of a river and as it grows moves downstream into the saltwater.  They can grow to be 97lbs in weight, the largest fish recorded to have been caught during a fish tagging expedition in 2009, while the largest ever taken on rod and reel was 78lbs caught in New Jersey by a shore angler on a swimming plug.   The largest fish ever taken at Block Island was a 75lb giant caught in 2009.  As is true with many species the female is the larger of the sexes and any fish over 34″ in length is a female, no male larger than 34″ has ever been caught (a fish 11 years old).  The large females lay millions of eggs are key for perpetuating the species.  Stripers are very strong swimmers and will provide a good fight, with hard headshaking pulls that let you know a striper is on your line.

Bluefish often are found in the same areas as are bass, since they feed on the same things.  Bass often use the bluefish’s feeding habits,  cruising the bottom to pick off the pieces of baitfish that blues can’t be bothered to pick up.  They are very aggressive fish and excellent fighters for their size, not giving up and providing an acrobatic display as you bring them near the boat.
BlueFishCaughtOnTheAcesWildRhodeIslandFishingcharters200We target both of these fish using a variety of lures and techniques.  Our favorite way to catch them is using top water plugs. This allows you to see the action as the fish swirls behind the plug, tail whacks it then turns around and tries to eat it.  We also use soft plastic baits to mimic the forage they are feeding on.  Once the sun comes up it may be necessary to use deep jigging or to troll with wire line.  We will do whatever it takes and go where necessary to find fish, even going to places we might not normally on half day or full day trips in order to find the fish.
On our charters we use rods as light as possible to catch the fish.  There are 12lb and 17lb class rods for the spinning and bottom fishing outfits equipped with braided line for heightened sensitivity in feeling hits.  Our wire outfits at 30lb class are some of the lightest wire trolling rods you will see on any boat, custom made with aluminum handles, level wind reels, and roller tips.  At Aces Wild we also make or customize many of the lures and plugs that are used on our trips.

Regulations allow us to keep 2 fish at a minimum of 28″ long per angler.   We will fillet and clean your catch at the end of the trip.

So go ahead and book a RI Striped bass fishing charter today!