And here we are, it’s snowing outside today.  This is a one late winter.  I cannot recall a winter as late as this for striped bass fishing.  Or any fishing out of PT. Judith for that matter!  Nonetheless, the fish are coming!  Now that it’s April at least we know there is nothing stopping the fishing season from coming.  We’ll soon be casting out our lines and bringing in some big bass, fluke, tautog, and many others.

So when do we expect the stripers to hit?  Well, although the water is cool right now, the expectation is striped bass will arrive sometime after mid-April along the South Shore.  The striped bass that initially arrive are schoolies, which are between 12-24 inches.  We’ll be launching the beginning of May, and will immediately start our RI fishing charters at that time which is when the keepers arrive.  Light tackle will be our preference; however, we’ll use whatever means necessary to hook the fish and keep our customers happy.

Never been on a RI Fishing Charter?  Then you should give it a go.  We catch all types and sizes of fish and it’s fun for the entire family.  We run half of full day RI fishing charters, Striped Bass charters, etc.  We also have sharing opportunities.  Check out our Charters and Rates page for full information.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

The Aces Wild Team!