Wow, it’s been a long winter and an even longer spring!  Nonetheless, we’ve been working hard readying the boat for the upcoming 2018 RI fishing charter season and look forward to a new and exciting summer full of fishing charters!  The boat will be launching shortly and the fish will be arriving soon.

And while our striped bass charters tend to fill much of the mid-summer months, it’s the tautog that often mark the start of the saltwater fishing season for those who can’t wait to wet a line. These guys start to move inshore around mid-April, or when the water temperature hits the mid-40s. We’ll be running Tautog charters before most others.

Another early season fish is the flounder.  We always have a great time catching flounder and they are some of the tastiest fish around.

Striped Bass begin to show up around the end of April in the southern-most part of Narragansett Bay.  They quickly shoot up the bay to the Providence river chasing herring and menhaden.  This is when we begin our RI striped bass charters.  We run the striped bass charters using either light tackle for a super fight, or heavier tackle and trolling.  Either way, you are sure to have a great time.

And of course there are Bluefish.  Bluefish run all summer long and oftentimes are caught during striped bass charter.  Wire leaders are a must in order to prevent hooked fish from cutting the line with its sharp teeth.  We use a variety of plugs, sand eel type jigs, squid like or mackerel like lures when casting or trolling.  Pogies, mackerel or eels are the preferred live baits.

The boat is going in early May, however, we are taking reservations now.  Weekends always book first, therefore, be sure to call early and reserve your spot as soon as possible!


The Aces Wild Team!