Today we took Danny and his buddies from New Jersey out on an RI Fishing Charter off PT Judith.  The weather was perfect with calm seas.  An absolutely fantastic day for a striped bass trip!  On the way out we stopped at the North rip and trolled for an hour without any success.  We didn’t want to waste too much time there if we weren’t going to see any action.  We, therefore, decided to travel to the southwest corner and start trolling to see if we could pick up some striped bass.  After just five minutes we hooked up on our first bass! YES! Each time we trolled by this one spot we’d pick one up, therefore, we continued working the same spot until we got our five fish.  The guys then wanted to try some fluke fishing.  We, therefore, went to a spot that is known to be pretty darn consistent for catching them and caught about 6/7 fluke and 2 big sea bass, which we threw back.  All in all, this was one great RI charter fishing trip.

Sure hope to see Danny and his friends again sometime soon!