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Jennifer, along with husband and father bring in 11 Striped Bass and numerous Sea Bass!

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As we headed out on this fishing charter we had yet another beautiful day on the water.  Mother nature is making it up to us for the lousy beginning of the fishing season. On today’s charter, July 15th, 2018, Jennifer, her husband, and father were

August Brings in the BIG Striped Bass, the Cows Are Here!

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On August 9th, 2018 we had a 6:00am Point Judith Fishing Charter, and it was nice and overcast with calm seas.  We headed for our favorite spot and started trolling.  Within 2 minutes we had 2 large stripers on the lines.  Took a while to

RI Deep Sea Charter Brings in 9 Striped Bass and 2 Blues

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Today’s July 14th deep sea charter started off bright and beautiful with calm seas all the way to the southwest corner. One of our anglers, Paul, booked this charter and it is his third year with Aces Wild.  We dropped lines in once we arrived